Donde Trabajamos

Vereda Gonzalez

This was our first group that we worked with.  This group was made up of 4 boys from Vereda Gonzalez and 2 from Vereda Paraiso.  This group showed great commitment to the trainings with almost perfect attendance throughout the three months of trainings. Finding a work space in Vereda Gonzalez has proved to be difficult so we are looking to move the project to Vereda Paraiso. Through these difficulties, we learned many lessons together and continue working toward building a working site.  


Vereda El Hogar

This was actually the site we chose to do two groups.  we brought together 7 young people from El Hogar and 7 from Las Violetas.  This was also our first group to have young ladies.  This group showed a lot of initiative leading their own training project for the other kids in the community.  We are currently helping them to put a roof over the site so they can have a permanent work site.  

Barrio Las Violetas

This was our first attempt at bringing the project into the city.  Our young men from Las Violetas love to practice Gravity Bike (Azote).  They are very creative and we are working with them to put their creative talent to work by creating different bicycle designs from recycled bicycles.  This site is a mix of physics, design and youthful ambition.