Be a Volunteer

The most important part of our work is our volunteers. They are not just mechanics. They are people who help with our leadership trainings, collect donations, manage event logistics and much more. If you would like to be a part of our project, you just need a smile and a desire to make our city a better place to live. Click HERE and leave us your information.


Donate Parts

One of our saddest stories was seeing a boy running behind his friends who were riding their bikes because he did not have one. There is no reason why all children in our city cannot have a bicycle. There are many people with bicycles collecting dust in a storage or with parts that can still be used to help other kids who do not have a bicycle. We also need tools, supplies and parts. If you want to donate something, click HERE and leave your information.

Make a Donation You can help by making a donation to buy things like valve stems, cables, t-shirts, helmets, grease, tools, tubes, etc. When it is possible we reuse old bike parts, but there are some items that we have to purchase. With the help of our partners we have a discount for buying these things. Make a donation HERE and help us to prepare more #youngchangemakers and make sure that all children can experience the joy of cycling.